IEC 61850 Substation Design & Testing
2 Part Webinar Series

Part 1 - IEC 61850 Substation Design Workshop
Previously held on August 10, 2023 at 10am EDT - Watch Now!

Part 2 - Test Your Design - Simulating and Validating an IEC 61850 Substation Design
Previously held on September 21, 2023 at 10am EDT -
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Substation design and testing is a notoriously complex and difficult task. Traditional design and documentation methods are tedious, requiring meticulous attention to detail and are often difficult to validate. New designs are costly to develop, difficult to test, and any templated approach must be manually tracked and maintained.


From its inception, the IEC 61850 standard has been designed as both a communication protocol, and an accompanying engineering process. This engineering process was designed to incorporate best practices and lessons learned from the previous century of utility substation engineering, while adding modern features such as standardization, interoperability, scalability, precise documentation, and ease of simulation, all while reducing engineering efforts and associated costs. However, to realize the promise of IEC 61850, powerful modern software tools are required. This two-part webinar series will use the following tools to Create, Simulate, and Validate an IEC 61850 Substation design:

Helinks STS, a power system engineering tool for specifying and implementing templated IEC 61850 substations.

Distributed Test Manager (DTM), a simulation tool capable of simulating and validating IEC 61850 substation designs.

Part 1 - IEC 61850 Substation Design Workshop

What you will learn: 

  • Describe the "Top-Down" IEC 61850 engineering process.
  • Demonstrate the engineering process in action, using Helinks STS to:
    • Rapidly create a complete Substation Specification Description (SSD) file from predefined bay templates
    • Convert our specification into a reality, by tying our SSD to instantiated devices, thereby creating our final product, the Substation Configuration Description (SCD) file

Part 2 - Test Your Design - Simulating and Validating an IEC 61850 Substation Design

What you will learn: 

  • Simulate the substation SCD created in Part 1 using Distributed Test Manager (DTM)
  • Validate and visualize the signals required for the protection schemes which make up our substation

Slide with Helinks

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Please note these webinars may be watched as a series or independently. You do not need to watch Part 1 to understand what is covered in Part 2.

Christoph Brunner

Christoph Brunner is Utility Industry professional with over 30 years of industry experience across several areas within the Utility Industry and technologies from the Automation Industry. He is a well-known expert on IEC 61850 as he has been involved in the development of the standard since the beginning. He is president of it4power in Switzerland and has worked as a project manager at ABB Switzerland Ltd in the business area Power Technology Products in Zurich / Switzerland where he was responsible for the process close communication architecture of the substation automation system. He is convenor of the working group (WG) 10 of the IEC TC57 and member of WG 17, 18 and 19 of IEC TC57. He is IEEE Fellow, member of IEEE-PES and IEEE-SA. He is active in several working groups of the IEEE-PSRC (Power Engineering Society – Relay Committee) and member of the PSRC main committee and the subcommittee H. He is guest professor at Shangdong University of technology and international advisor to the board of the UCA international users group.

Jackson Moore
Application Engineer
Triangle MicroWorks, Inc.

Jackson received B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University and has a background in power systems engineering. Prior to joining Triangle Microworks, Jackson spent five years as a Microgrid Systems Engineer, where he designed and developed load management control systems for multi-source microgrids ranging from 1MW to 30MW. In his current role of Application Engineer, Jackson serves as a bridge between our customers and our development team, seeking to understand and solve the unique and complex challenges our clients face.




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