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Evaluation Kit for IEC 61850 Library Now Available

by Joe Stevens | Jan 18, 2017
A free Library Evaluation Kit is now available to evaluate the IEC 61850 Source Code Library. The kit includes a Windows® DLL for the MMS Server and GOOSE stack along with an example server application that helps developers learn how the IEC 61850 protocol stack from Triangle MicroWorks can be implemented in their own applications.

The evaluation kit helps to evaluate how the API is used to access the IEC 61850 data model and services of the stack. The example database demonstrates how to integrate a database into an application. The kit also shows how the source code library parses SCL files to configure IED communication parameters like data models, reports, and GOOSE directly from SCL.

The example server application loads the data model from an included SCL File which contains report control blocks, GOOSE control blocks, and corresponding data sets for reports and GOOSE. The application then serves the reports and publishes GOOSE based on the SCL configuration.The server application can be built easily with a Visual Studio® project that is also included with the kit. Documentation is included to guide installation and use of the evaluation kit.

The evaluation kit only supports Windows®, however the IEC 61850 ANSI-C library from Triangle MicroWorks is designed to be processor and operating system independent.

The evaluation kit can be downloaded for free from our customer portal. A trial key is required and can be requested from our support team.

Learn more about the IEC 61850 Evaluation Kit

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