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Release of Secure Authentication for IEC 101 and IEC 104

by Joe Stevens | Aug 12, 2016
Security for IEC 60870-5 (IEC 101 and IEC 104) is being added to our source code libaries based on the IEC 62351 standard.
Triangle MicroWorks is expanding our existing Secure Authentication support for IEC 61850, DNP, and ICCP/TASE.2 to include IEC 60870-5 (-101 and -104). This security capability will be compliant to the IEC 60870-5-7 standard which is based on the cyber-security standard IEC 62351 (Parts 3, 5, and 8). The beta release of this new library is expected in September and an official release in Q4 of this year. Along with the source code library, a new version of the Communication Protocol Test Harness will be released which supports Secure Authentication to assist with the testing of IEC 101 & IEC 104 devices.

Secure Authentication provides end to end cryptographic authentication at the application layer. This level of security adds to the security provided by VPN tunnels or TLS encryption and addresses the threat of spoofing, modification, or replay of messages. Secure Authentication also has the benefit ofsupporting serial or IP based networks and encrypted or unencrypted channels. TLS encryption is also supported on top of Secure Authentication. IEC 60870-5-7 also includes support for Role Based Access Control as defined in IEC 62351-8 in order to assign specific roles to users. Triangle MicroWorks also supports similar Secure Authentication capability for DNP3 as well as authentication for IEC 61850 and ICCP/TASE.2.

Learn more about our IEC 60870-5 Source Code Libraries

Example of IEC 101 and IEC 104 Secure Authentication

Example of IEC 60870-5 Secure Authentication - Aggressive Mode Sequence



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