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Successful IEC 61850 IOP Wraps Up

by Joe Stevens | Oct 15, 2015
The IEC 61850 IOP (interoperability testing) event in Brussels concluded on October 2nd. The event included over twenty participating vendors and numerous independent witnesses. Several interoperability issues were identified as possible areas for improvement for the IEC 61850 standard in the future. 

The 2015 IOP covered many different aspects of IEC 61850 including Client/Server, GOOSE, Sampled Values, HSR/PRP redundancy, Clock Synchronization, and SCL interoperability testing. Triangle MicroWorks participated in the following tests with our IEC 61850 related test tools which are built on top of our IEC 61850 Source Code Libraries: 

Client/Server - test cases included Reporting, Logging, Controls, Tracking, Substitution, File Services, Datasets, Control Blocks, Settings Groups, Authentication, and more. 

GOOSE - test cases covered the exchange of GOOSE messages, GOOSE Test Bit, Simulation Bit, interrupted GOOSE transmission, along with the enabling and disabling of GOOSE. 
SCL Testing - the goal of the SCL testing was to improve the interoperability of SCL Files between different tools and devices. During the tests, System Configuration Tools (SCT) were used to implement a substation through the IEC 61850 engineering process. The SCTs created a substation configuration based on input contained in IED Capability Description (ICD) files and a System Specification Description (SSD) file. The output from the SCT was a System Configuration Description (SCD) File which was used to configure a device under test in a substation test environment with simulated devices. Many aspects of the engineering process were tested to ensure that the engineering tools represented the system configuration correctly and the device under test could be configured according to the engineering process defined by the standard.

A final report of the results and findings from the 2015 IOP will be published by the UCA International Users Group.



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