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What's New with IEC 61850: WG 10 Meeting in Regina

by Joe Stevens | Jul 06, 2015
Joel Greene and Jim Coats represented Triangle MicroWorks at the Working Group 10 Meeting held in Regina, Canada in June. Working Group 10 is part of IEC Technical Committee 57 and oversees the definition of the IEC 61850 standard. During the week long session, several task forces addressed many different technical areas including the upcoming Edition 2.1 amendment, Logic Modelling, Basic Application Profile, UML Model, and planning for the 2015 IOP.
WG10 in Regina

Here are some highlights of WG 10 initiatives from Regina:

  • Logical Modelling Task Force - this task force is working towards a standard definition for representing device logic in the System Configuration Language (SCL). The task force has created an example use case that implements “glue logic” in SCL to connect I/O from an IED to an external PLCopen file which contains logic defined in the IEC 61131-3 standard format.

  • Basic Application Profile Task Force - this task force is defining what information can be included in an Basic Application Profile (BAP) for IEC 61850. The BAP will document IEC 61850 functions based on the Technical Report in Part 7-500. The plan is to have each PICS document list which variations of the BAP are supported by a particular IED. The task force has released a first draft of the BAP for review.

  • UML Model - WG 10 is working towards an agreement with the IEC for open usage of "code components" of the IEC 61850 standard, which will be generated from a master data model stored in UML. Parts 6, 7-2, 7-3, and 7-4 will include UML modeling in Edition 2.1 which is scheduled to be published this year. The UML model will help to visualize the information model data structures and verify consistency and accuracy. The UML model will also be machine readable so that XML can be generated directly from the UML version of the standard. This will help automate the implementation of the standard by IEC 61850 tools.

  • 2015 IOP Planning - progress was made towards several tests for the upcoming IEC 61850 IOP which will be held in Brussels in September.  One of the main outcomes was an agreement on how mixed edition systems would be tested as part of the SCL tests.  There was also clarification that the use of private fields in SCL should be discouraged, and how to engineer GOOSE subscriptions with External References.  For the Client/Server tests, there was agreement that tests would focus on use cases rather than conformance type testing. A great deal of time was spent throughout the week to address question and issues so that the IOP can demonstrate that mixed edition systems are viable.

Triangle MicroWorks actively participates in Working Group 10 and other protocol related working groups, users groups, and committees in order to improve the standards we support and to represent the interests of our IEC 61850 Source Code Library customers. We invite our customers and others to also participate. To learn more about Working Group 10 and Technical Committee 57, visit the
IEC TC 57 website.



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