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Upcoming IEC 61850 IOP in Brussels

by Joe Stevens | Jun 12, 2015
Planning is underway for an IEC 61850 IOP (interoperability testing) event in Brussels in September. The UCA International Users Group is coordinating the IOP event which includes over twenty participating vendors. The 2015 IOP builds on a successful interoperability event held in 2013. The goal of the bi-annual IOP's is to continually improve the interoperability of IEC 61850 devices and tools. The results of the IOP benefit both vendors and users of IEC 61850 by uncovering interoperability issues and identifying possible improvements for the standard in the future. 

The 2015 IOP will cover many different IEC 61850 areas including Client/Server, GOOSE, Sampled Values, HSR/PRP redundancy, Clock Synchronization, and SCL interoperability testing. Triangle MicroWorks plans to participate in the following tests with our IEC 61850 related test tools which utilize our IEC 61850 Source Code Libraries: 

Client/Server - a large number of tests are being planned for the services defined in the IEC 61850 standard. Test cases will include Reporting, Logging, Controls, Tracking, Substitution, File Services, Datasets, Control Blocks, Settings Groups, Authentication, and more. 

GOOSE - test cases are planned to cover the exchange of GOOSE messages, GOOSE Test Bit, Simulation Bit, interrupted GOOSE transmission, along with the enabling and disabling of GOOSE. 

Sampled Values - test cases will include configuring publishers and subscribers with SCL, startup and loss of datastream, and the 9-2 LE profile. 
SCL Testing - tests will focus on the interoperability of SCL Files between different tools and devices. The SCL tests will use System Configuration Tools to implement a substation through the IEC 61850 engineering process. Multiple IED template files will be assembled to create a complete substation configuration which will be output as an SCD File. The SCD File will be used to configure devices under test in a substation test environment. Many aspects of the engineering process will be tested to ensure that the engineering tools have represented the system configuration correctly according to the standard.



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