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New Release of IEC 61850 Source Code Library

by Joe Stevens | Nov 02, 2015
Triangle MicroWorks is pleased to release V11.0 of the IEC 61850 Source Code Library. This major release improves the library for more streamlined implementations and builds on the twenty year track record of dependable code and high performance.
Streamlined Library

The code base has been significantly refactored in order to streamline library implementations and make debugging easier. A new build process is provided that more closely follows how customers use the library. The library builds completely from the application directory to simplify integration into a larger project. Multiple configuration files have been condensed into a single directory with one header file and the application makefile.  

Target Layer - The target layer has been abstracted and consolidated. Linux® and Windows® targets are provided and OS specific code has been collected to make porting easier. The Linux® target has improved threading and semaphore handling. 
Tracing Mechanism - A new consistent tracing mechanism has been added. Applications can filter on messages for different library modules (like SCL parsing, transport, ACSI services, etc.) and can filter by message severity.
Improved Examples - Most examples have been simplified for more clear demonstration of particular functionality.

Standard Compliance - Recent TISSUES logged with the UCA International Users Group have been implemented in the library to improve interoperability and conformance to the IEC 61850 standard. The IEC 61850 Source Code Library supports the implementation of Edition 1 and Edition 2 compliant devices with regular updates and continued testing of the library.

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